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Mother and Daughter Love


If you have completed our PEACE online survey, you may be invited to participate in a 30-minute virtual activity session with your toddler over Zoom. The session consists of table and floor activities; these are activities we typically do in the laboratory to understand the social experiences of parents and toddlers. 


Please ensure that other family members or pets are occupied and ideally in another room for the duration of the appointment. If you will be expecting any delivery, please put a note on the door to prevent any knocking or doorbell ringing from disrupting the session. Make sure your toddler does not have a pacifier or snacks during the session. If they need to take a break at any time, your interviewer will be able to provide that between activities.

Important: Note that we will mail you a package of small toys to be used during this session at no cost to you. Please do not allow your child to play with the toys prior to the session. Your child will be able to keep these toys after the session as a thank-you from our team!

  • Set up a computer or a tablet with audio and video capabilities.

  • Ensure that Zoom is downloaded and can be opened. To begin your session with us, use the Zoom link that was sent to your email.

  • Turn off Self View when prompted. To do this, hover over your video tile and click on the three horizontal dots that appear. Select "Hide Self View."

Zoom View

overall view table.png

Overall View


Please prepare a space at your table where you can sit directly beside your toddler. 

  • Place your device on the table and have your toddler sit in a chair facing the camera. Your toddler should be in full view of the camera.

  • Sit in a chair beside your toddler. Please make sure that any toys, snacks, or other distractions are out of your toddler’s reach.


Please prepare a separate space on the floor where you and your toddler can sit without interruptions.

  • Your device should be set up so that you and your toddler are in full view of the camera. Please make sure that all distractions are out of your toddler's reach.

  • Bring along the box shipped to you with all the individual packages inside in preparation for the floor activities.

overall view floor (2).png

Overall View

Explainer Video
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