Virtual Activity Session

If you have completed our PEACE online survey, you may be invited to participate in a 30-minute virtual activity session with your baby. The session consists of two activities - Free-play and Face-to-face Still Face; these are activities we typically do in the laboratory to understand the social experiences of parents and babies. 

How to prepare for the virtual activity session

Please ensure that other family members are occupied and ideally in another room for the duration of the appointment. If you will be expecting any delivery, please put a note on the door to prevent any knocking or doorbell ringing from disrupting the session.

Free Play - Overall View.HEIC

Overall View

Free-play Activity

Please prepare a space with a blanket on the floor where you and your baby can sit without interruptions

  • Place a few small toys on this blanket, remove other items 

  • Set up your computer/phone/tablet so that you and your baby can be within view of the camera

  • If using a phone or tablet for the call, you can lean it against a coffee mug or a stack of books, etc.

Face-to-face Still Face

Please prepare a separate space where you can sit directly across from your baby. 

  • If possible, place a chair 1.5 feet away from your baby’s high chair. Otherwise, create a space on the floor so that your baby can sit upright and across from you

  • Find a surface like a table or a stack of books so that you can set up the camera so that it faces where your baby will sit.

Still Face - Overall View.HEIC

Overall View

More information is detailed here in the video: